Icme Ecab is an important subsidiary company of Cablel Hellenic Cables Group since 1999, when the Hellenic Cables acquired the majority of its shares. The company has been one of the most important cable manufacturers in Southeast Europe. 
The absorption of Icme Ecab by Cablel Hellenic Cables Group had as a result the significant expansion of the range of the company’s manufactured products. 
The continuous investments that the company implements in advanced equipment, the development of human capital, as well as the expansive transfer of expertise from Hellenic Cables S.A., contributed to the establishment of the company’s name, creating the appropriate conditions for the provision of a wide range of advanced technology and high quality products, under the trademark Cablel®.
The main categories of products produced by Icme Ecab S.A. are: 
  • Power cables 
  • Telecommunications and data transfer cables 
  • Enamelled wires 
  • Plastic and rubber compounds