Fulgor S.A. entered Cablel Hellenic Cables Group family of companies in June 2011 as one of the pioneering companies in the sector of producing technologically advanced products, with high quality, as well as providing integrated turnkey projects. Fulgor is also, among other things, one of the few companies specializing in submarine cable interconnections. 
For the last 40 years, Fulgor S.A. has successfully completed many turnkey projects, including the supply and installation of submarine high voltage cables, submarine medium voltage cables and fibre-optics, as well as composite cables (power and fibre-optics).  
Fulgor S.A undertook its first turnkey project in 1972, and until today the company has installed more than 880 kilometers of submarine power cables up to 33 kV, as well as more than 2,200 kilometers of submarine fibre-optic cables, using specially trained staff and specialized contractors. 
Cablel Hellenic Cables Group’s implementation of an expansive investment programme at the company, exceeding €69 million, for the production of high voltage submarine cables contributed to establishing the name of the company and the group in general. At the same time, it created the appropriate conditions for the provision of a wide range of products of advanced technology and recognized quality under the trademark Cablel®.
In order to address the technical peculiarities of developing technologically advanced products, through the parent company Hellenic Cables S.A., the company has signed an agreement for expertise transfer with Viscas company, one of the leading manufacturers of submarine cables and subsidiary of Japanese companies Fujikura and Furukawa.
The company maintains roofed facilities spanning 82 acres in a total area of 206 acres. Its annual capacity is 50,000 tons of cables and 96,500 tons of copper and aluminium rods. 
The main categories of products and services offered by Fulgor S.A. are: 
  • Design, Manufacture and installation:
    • Power cables (low, medium, high and extra-high voltage) underground and submarine
    • Optic cables (underground and submarine)
    • Composite cables (power: low, medium, high/extra-high voltage with fibre-optics) underground and submarine.
  • Desing and manufacture 
    • Telecommunications cables 
    • Solid copper rods 
    • Solid aluminium rods 
    • Conductors