Υψηλή τάση  


 CLIENT: Independent Power Transmission Operator (IPTO or ADMIE) S.A. (Contract 99252)


The scope of the project was the replacement of part of 4 aerial 3-phase High Voltage (150 kV) electrical energy Transmission Lines with underground cables, connecting the GIS Substation of Aliveri with the Transmission System. The cable route starts at the entrance to the city of Aliveri and terminates to the new GIS substation of the new P.P.C. Combined Cycle Power Plant.
The distance of the above mentioned underground route was approx. 5 km.
During the construction phase, the following materials were installed:
  • 57 km of   150 kV underground cables (72 drums) with Aluminum conductor   of 800mm2 cross-section 
  • 12 pieces of 150 kV outdoor terminations erected onto   2 Transmission Towers 


  • 60 pieces of 150 kV underground cable joints with metallic sheath cross-bonding 




  • 12 pieces of 150 kV indoor terminations inside the Aliveri (GIS) Substation  


Furthermore to the original scope of works and according to Clients’ request, an additional part of an underground double-circuit line in the same region was installed, which included 1 km of 150 kV underground cables and the installation of 12 pieces of 150 kV outdoor terminations which were erected on bases inside terminal stations.




The complete project was handed over to the client without delay, without damages during the construction phase, and according to the Specifications. 
Following the successful completion of the after-installation tests, the lines were energized and have been in Service since the 11th / 10 /2013.