Internal communication  
At the Cablel Hellenic Cables Group, we believe that ongoing, meaningful and interactive internal communication enhances employee relations and cooperation. We have adopted a communication system that supports open channels at all levels of the organization, aiming to foster a climate of trust and respect, enhance the team spirit within the company, as well as establish a unified corporate culture. In this context, we have adopted an “Open Door Policy” as the basis of the Group’s internal communication system.   
The internal communication channels we leverage include the following:


Regular staff meetings 
Across the Group, heads of department in each Company hold staff update meetings 



Through our Intranet, employees have access to diverse information concerning different subsidiary Companies and the Group itself.  


Company newsletters (paper or electronic) are an ideal medium, providing employees with information that is relevant to their interests, both at a business and personal level.   


Message Boards
Message Boards are used in working areas of the Group’s headquarters, to post announcements, employee rewards or recognitions and other information, as necessary.   


The Group organizes social events on a regular basis, in order to strengthen relations among employees. 


System for the submission of suggestions and new ideas 
We have an established system that offers employees the opportunity to submit their ideas and suggestions concerning the optimization of the Group’s performance, both at an operational or productivity level. At the same time, the Group has adopted a reward system for the best ideas proposed by employees