Corporate responsibility is an essential component for  Cablel Hellenic Cables Group’s path towards sustainability. Recognizing that business integrity affects the progress of employees, shareholders and social stakeholders in general, the Group and its companies align their business strategy and corporate responsibility commitments with their vision, mission, values. 
In particular, the Group’s strategy regarding corporate responsibility covers the following five pillars:
  • Corporate Governance and Financial Development
  • Market (customers, partners and suppliers)
  • Human Resources – Health & Safety in the Workplace
  • Environment
  • Local Community

Within this framework, Cablel Hellenic Cables Group demonstrates responsibility throughout its spectrum of activities: from product development and integration of new technologies for the benefit of the company and society in general, to the adoption of strict standards for environmental protection and the promotion of Health and Safety in the Workplace, by adopting specific policies and undertaking comprehensive actions. In this direction, the Group follows international standards and guidelines to develop, implement and monitor its activities in the area of corporate responsibility and sustainability, with detailed reports published on an annual basis. 

Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability Reports