Financial development & Corporate Governance  
The objective of Cablel Hellenic Cables Group is to achieve healthy and responsible financial development, implementing targeted investment plans to achieve its goals. Corporate transparency and good corporate governance is for Cablel Hellenic Cables Group an essential component of the financial aspect of Corporate Responsibility. Within this framework, the Group adopts appropriate principles and practices for corporate governance and the promotion of stakeholder interests. Through the decisions made on a strategic and operational level, the Group aims to promote corporate ethics, safeguard a transparent operation and harmonize management with stakeholder interests. 
To maximize the value of the Group’s contribution to stakeholders and ensure their adequate, accurate and timely information, the corporate governance framework that has been developed covers the following:
  • governing bodies with clear roles, responsibilities and obligations
  • appropriate organizational structure and business processes
  • effective internal control systems 
  • organized communication with both external and internal audiences.